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About Us

The East of England Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (EE AAN) consists of a group of employers and apprentices whose main aim is to engage new employers and individuals to consider apprenticeships in England. It is one of nine similar networks across the country. We have sub-regional groups in Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk & Suffolk and Cambridgeshire & Peterborough with ambassadors representing SME, large and macro organisations. 


Ambassadors regularly share their real-life apprenticeship story with students in schools, colleges and careers events and through business networks, 1:1 conversation and employer events.


The Apprenticeship Ambassador Network inspires and influences people to choose apprenticeships, as a route to create business and individual success across the country. 



The Apprenticeship Ambassador Network is the movement championing apprenticeships to raise awareness and increase engagement to meet the needs of employers, communities, and individuals across the country. 



  1. Grow in influence and relevance.

  2. Tell our story.

  3. Be nationally significant and locally relevant.


If you are an apprentice or employer in the East of England with experience of apprenticeships and would like to join this inspiring network, we’d love to hear from you

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